Oakridge Energy
District Energy

Oakridge Energy is developing a large low-carbon district energy system to provide space heating, domestic water heating, and space cooling to meet the needs of the entire Oakridge Park development.

The project will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 68% compared to traditional solutions, and improve energy security in a manner that maximizes opportunities for its residents, businesses and institutions.

Utilizing geothermal-exchange technology along with modern heating and cooling technology, the project will be the first district energy system to meet the City of Vancouver’s Low-Carbon Energy System requirements.

Oakridge Energy’s innovative approach will efficiently produce reliable, local energy with tangible environmental benefits for Vancouver for decades to come.

Oakridge Energy District Energy System

Oakridge Energy is a Limited Partnership between Corix Utilities and Creative Energy.

Oakridge Energy is looking for Power Engineers to join our team!

Please refer to the ‘careers’ tab for more information.